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  5 star rated  May 2018     5 star rated  February 2020

  What the Inspectors say…


 What Social Services say…

   …. In 40 years of inspections I've never seen anything like this and it is excellent.
If you had completed 100% I'd give you an OUTSTANDING rating
     …. Very Impressed !
Robust Quality Assurance system.
I will be recommending an OUTSTANDING rating
    CQC Inspector       Social Services Audit


  5 star rated  April 2020     5 star rated  March 2020

  "Covered all areas of their roles"

... says Inspector


  Rated as "Effective"

... by Inspector

   The Professional Standards Passport
"….. covered all areas of their roles. Staff highlighted any aspects of their roles they were unsure about in the passport, as well as those they were confident in. Topics were discussed at staff meetings and supervisions to ensure staff were confident in their roles”

  Rated as EFFECTIVE

…. Staff receive a wide range of training and support with your passport book

    CQC Inspector       Social Services Audit

Quality Standards

  5 star rated  June 2020     5 star rated  February 2020

  Culture Change with Zero effort …


We just Smashed it ! …

I spent 10 minutes to explain the system at our Management meeting. After the 2nd meeting, the Partners are doing all my Quality and CQC review work for me.   

 Had a short notice audit by Social Services, impressed and blown away by the system. Told me this is the best system they have seen

   GP Practice Manager      Domiciliary Care Manager


  5 star rated  December 2019     5 star rated  February 2020

  Easy Management …


Exactly what the Inspector wanted ....

I have added the governance to each partners meeting and we are working our way through. It has definitely made me focus and be a lot more methodical in my approach.  

 Everything the Inspector asked for was covered in your system. If I had completed more, we would have sailed through

   GP Practice Manager      Residential CareHome Manager


  5 star rated  June 2019     5 star rated  January 2018

  I was an absolute CQC novice when I started…


Easy to follow …

  My first time with this, and I even managed to impress the CQC inspector with the quality of our preparation      So easy to follow. Got us organised for the inspection which is just two weeks away
  GP Practice in Special Measures Admin Assistant
     GP Practice Manager


  5 star rated  November 2017     5 star rated  November 2017

  Lifesaver pack…


It's my Bible …

I spent 3 weeks struggling to do this myself. Finally caved and bought the system. It has saved me hours and hours of work  

   I have been in my new job for 3 days and this was the first thing I bought, with my own money. It’s my Bible!

   GP Practice Manager      GP Practice Manager


  5 star rated  December 2017     5 star rated  December 2017

  I just went on holiday during a CQC Inspection....


Recommending it to CCG …

I completed the setup in two weeks, and went on holiday 2 days before the inspection. We had no trouble getting a Good Rating!  

  This has been amazing in helping me get organised. I will be recommending it to the CCG.

   GP Practice Manager      GP Practice Manager


  5 star rated  April 2018     5 star rated  December 2017

  Beyond my expectations  .....


Short time frame …

The professionalism in preparing our evidence for the inspection, was beyond my expectation.  

  The time frame to the Inspection was so short [1 day] , yet we still managed to complete the evidence

   GP Practice Manager      GP Practice Manager


Professional Standards Passport

  5 star rated  August 2021      

  This is incredible …



 Best staff management tool I've seen. I want our Quality Assurance Team to adopt this across our Local Authority      
   Head of Services Adult Social Care Residential Care        
  5 star rated  July 2019     5 star rated  July 2019

  Culture change in ONE DAY …


So easy, I took over from my Manager …

 Just 10 minutes and my staff couldn't wait to take ownership of their own development. They've taken over everything, and they train each other. An instant culture change, a huge workload lifted from me       I read the policies myself and took charge of explaining to all other staff
   GP Practice Manager      GP Practice Receptionist
  5 star rated  November 2019     5 star rated  February 2020

  Staff suddenly want to learn more  .....


There's an amazing buzz .....

Suddenly all the staff want to learn more ! We review topics as we go, and constantly talk about the Passport and governance in our full team meetings.  

 Staff feel engaged and empowered. I've never seen a buzz like this around training and learning

   GP Practice Manager      GP Practice Manager

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