Quality Standards Manual

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Quality Standards Manual for Healthcare and Adult Care

  • A standardised universal CQC system for all Healthcare and Adult Care
  • A common system for GPs, Dentists, Residential Care, Domiciliary Care, Care Agencies and more
  • Essential for integrated care and collaboration
Just one file

quality standards can it get any simpler

360 degree teamwork your quality management

Our best CQC Compliance system yet

Ready to go, virtually zero setup time

Professional: Two-Year Planner

Loose-Leaf Professional folder for total flexibility

QSM system professional solution

Recommend for Providers with larger teams as organising a large number of staff and team members takes longer and it may be impractical to repeat the process annually. There is no hard and fast rule, even the smallest provider can use the Professional version

    • More flexible - Add custom content and critical evidence wherever you like
    • Clinical Quality Folders and heavy duty easy-clean dividers for a professional look and designed to last for years
    • Absolutely essential for teamwork and if you are aiming for a top rating

Bundled deal - The Full Package on monthly subscription

  What you also get
Online Pro Evidence Templates
Online Staff Policies
Setup and Maintenance Support
Audit and Inspection Preparation Support
Annual Plan One full payment £900
Monthly Plan 12 Monthly installments
SPECIAL BENEFITS: Passport price capped at £14.99 maximum *
 * Prices will be reduced even further with volume discounts  

Quick summary of terms:-

  • Annual contract, price is reserved and fixed as long as you renew without a break
  • Cancelation requires 30 days minimum notice before next renewal date
  • Startup Pack comprises the Quality Standards Manual, Evidence Folder, Framework Pack
  • Updates: Published online only - minimised by only issuing important or critical topics and changes
  • Renewal Pack required every 2 years, comprises a fresh Framework Pack

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