It is more common than most would like to admit that practice managers often declare that they are complaint when in fact they are not, but hope to catch up afterwards when they have the time. A classic example is th end of the year QOF compliance and ussies such as IG Toolkit and staff appraisals. Labelled as "just a little white lie" this used to have little or no consequences, mostly because no one really came to check.

Not anymore!

In most cases, it is most likely that the practice manager will have done the preparation but it will be the GP partner who will have to sign the declaration to the CQC. This is where you have to exercise care:-

  1. Will the GP check everything for full compliance before signing the declaration?
  2. Will most GPs who have not taken an interest in the managers work in the past, know what they are looking for?
  3. What if shortcuts have been taken and the GP is unaware of these?
  4. What if the GP signs the declaration and finds out later that the practice is not compliant and all facts were not disclosed at the time of registration?

The Registration document is a formal declaration of compliance.
A false declaration is a serious criminal offence and not a minor white lie ..... this is the official CQC position.

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