This outcome is about notifying the CQC about any changes to the Registered Manager position or other circumstances that are relevant to the CQC registration.

Outcome in plain English

You need to give the CQC formal notifications of the following:

28A Notifications relating to a registered manager

  • If a person other than the registered manager is going to manage the service you need to notify the CQC of the following:
  • Inform the CQC before the person starts
  • If you have not been able to Inform the CQC before the start, then inform them as soon as possible

28B Changes to a Registered Manager's details

If the registered manager is an Individual you need to inform the CQC of the following:

  • Changes to their name
  • The appointment date
  • The name of the New registered manager
  • The date they will begin work

If the registered manager is a Partnership or an Organisation inform the CQC of any changes to the:

  • business address
  • officers (such as to the directors or secretary)
  • Nominated individual
  • The requirement to notify changes to officers does not apply to English NHS trusts

28C Changes to Financial Solvency:
If the provider is an individual:
Inform the CQC when they have been made bankrupt or their estate has been sequestrated

Where the provider is an organisation or limited liability partnership:
Inform the CQC when an administrator, receiver, liquidator or provisional liquidator has been appointed.


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