Important incidents and events that affect pateint health, welfare and safety are to be reported to CQC directly.

Outcome in plain English

20A You must report all incidents to the CQC without delay

20B if you delegate this to someone (e.g. Practice Manager) you must have a written description of your procedures

20C Trusts have to report to NPSA

20D GPs report to CQC
Patient and staff identity is to be kept confidential, so use a cryptic code instead of a name, which allows you to identify the person if asked.

20F What you must report:

  • Incidents affecting a person, which are:-
    •  Injuries
    •  Someone sectioned under Mental Capacity Act
    •  Allegation of abuse
  • Events in the service which could affect everyone:-
    • Incidents reported to the police
    • Events that stop or may stop the service from operating safely and properly.

20G This prompt lists out details you must report such as the identifier or code for the person, date of birth, gender etc.
Their ethnicity.

20H What events you have to report

  • Serious injury
  • Injury that might have led to serious injury or death (near miss)

20I This defines what constitutes serious injury
In essence, anything that leads to or likely to lead to permanent damage, or damage that does or can last for 28 days. Pain lasting more than 28 days constitutes a serious injury.
The prompt lists out types of injuries as examples.

Another important addition is that near misses must also be reported.

20J Applies only to hospitals and care homes

20K & 20L Inform the CQC if you apply to the court to have someone sanctioned or imprisoned, together with details of incident

20M Other failures you must report

  • Insufficient staff to operate or damage to property that may affect ability service
  • The failure of a utility for more than 24 hours.
  • The failure of fire alarms, call systems or other safety-related equipment for more than 24 hours.
  • Anything that affects safety
  • Send everything to the NPSA (which no longer exists), not to CQC. NHS Commissioning Board Special Health Authority have now taken over this function.
  • Allegation of abuse

20N You must also report any suspicion, concern, allegation of abuse.
This means abuse of your patient by anyone including a GP or a member of your own staff.

20O to 20Q simply list out what details you have to report.

20R Call the CQC directly if police are involved about anything affecting the health, safety or welfare of any person


Statutory Notification Forms:

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