This is not an "outcome" for a GP Practice, but a requirement to report to the CQC, so that patients can be confident that the CQC is following up with action.

Outcome 18 and Outcome 19 are virtually identical, as far as GPs are concerned.

  • "Outcome 18" relates to reporting normal deaths whilst under your care
  • "Outcome 19" relates to deaths of persons detained under the Mental Health Act 1983

Outcome in plain English

(Note: 19A to 19D are exactly the same as Outcome 18A to 18D)

19A The registered manager must send notification about deaths to the CQC

19B Where this task is delegated, the written decision making process under Outcome 16 should show this

19C GPs have to send this directly to the CQC

19D Don't disclose the identity of the deceased to the CQC, instead, use an indentification coding system instead of the name of the patient

19F If the death was not of a person detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, Outcome 18 applies

19G If a patient is still missing after midnight, you must notify the CQC

19H Lists out Information to be included in the notification
19H Additional information to be included in the notification

19J Information to be included in notification:-

  • The relevant section of the ACT under which they were detained
  • Reason for the detention
  • The circumstances in which they came to be absent.

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