A totally new way of working with policies

  • Fastest, easiest way to get policies implemented
  • Implement a policy in less than 2 minutes
  • Be fully compliant and Inspection-Ready at any time

What you get with the Policies Channel

  1. Ready-Made policies, no editing required
  2. Generate a risk based Evidence Matrix ready for any inspection
  3. A single page report that summarises any customisation for your specific circumstances

Note: Only the most essential policies are included, sufficient to meet regulatory requirements


 Policies evidence matrix


The problem:

No one has the time to read and update 100’s of policies as this would take up at least 3 months every year.

Policies reference library



Why Simplify?

  1. Simplified polices have proven to increase engagement in our pilots and is backed by research
  2. A simple message is easier to absorb and follow
  3. A 25 page policy discourages reading and discussion

policies explain simply

The Solution:

  1. CQC facing policies -- essential 34 only, you don't need hundreds
  2. ONE minute to read; ONE minute to explain
  3. Every policy Risk assessed in 30 seconds


 What Providers Say

  5 star rated  May 2018     5 star rated  February 2020

  First time we actually discussed Policies…


 Saved hours of reading time…

   …. Easy to read, easy to discuss. For the first time in years we spent more time discussing the meaning than reading pages and pages of a policy      …. Very Impressed !
.... Takes less than 2 minutes to read. Amazing how the usual 20 policy pages have been summarised on a single page.
    Care Manager       Team member

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Partnered with the NAPC, the largest PCN network in England


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If you are part of an NHS body or a Membership or Regulatory organisation, you may qualify to use our products as a Reference Standard.