This outcome concerns the role and responsibilities of the Registered Manager together with their fitness for the job, and the necessary qualifications, skills and experience.

Outcome in plain English

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Employing appropriate managers
24A A manager should be able to demonstrate that they are:
1. of good character
2. physically and mentally able to do the job
    This means
    • The nominated person does not suffer from an illness which may cause risk to patients
    • They are not at risk because of a patients’ illness

3. Have the relevant skills and qualifications for the job
    As a minimum they should have:
    • effective communication skills
    • basic management skills

4. Undergone all necessary employment checks before taking on the role
5. Are registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)
6. Demonstrate registration with relevant professional regulators
7. Have the qualifications and competencies recognised by the relevant sector body
8. Know all relevant compliance requirements
9. The manager should be able to manage Resources
10. Understands how to delegate
11. Understands their staffs’ competencies
12. has appropriate job descriptions for their staff
13. is a good manager
14. ensure that people are safeguarded from abuse
15. Has an awareness and knowledge of diversity issues and human rights
16. Understands patient choice
17. Put into practice the statement of purpose.
18. Able to identify the learning and development needs of staff and make adjustments
19. Uses resources effectively
20. You need to inform the CQC of any convictions, warnings etc. that the manager has received or  if they are disciplined by their professional body


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