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If you're a sole trader, small provider, or early-stage startup, it's not advisable to begin with complex systems. A better approach is to start with basic systems, achieve basic CQC Compliance and upgrade when you're ready for the next stage.

The STANDARD Edition of the Quality Standards Manual is an affordable solution that should suffice, especially for new registrations and small management teams. You can upgrade to the more advanced versions if needed, and will not feel you invested an unnecessary amount before you were ready.

We advise against using the PROFESSIONAL Edition if you're an early stage or smaller provider. This edition includes "Quality Control" sections for monitoring activity and meetings, which are more appropriate for management teams.

For Basic Standard:-

  1. Quality Standards Manual (STANDARD Edition)
  2. Professional Standards Passports
Quality & Compliance Management

Quality Standards Manual
The Quality Standards Manual provides a structured approach to inspections and will help you organize your information in a logical way, making the entire inspection process quicker. By keeping this up to date, you will be inspection-ready anytime, and all you will have to do is hand the manual to the inspector to demonstrate your compliance.

With the STANDARD Edition, you get a Governance Framework, which guides you on what you should have in place; records when and how often you review this; and that the necessary systems are in place. It does not include Quality Control and continuous improvement sections, those are the next steps in your progression to the PROFESSIONAL Edition.

The Professional Standards Passport is suitable for organisations of any size from single-handed to multi-branch.

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