Ready-made pack for your online application

Provider Application:
By this we mean the online application by the person or organisation looking to register with the CQC. This pack is designed to help you more easily complete this first stage of your CQC Registration process, the online application, it will work equally well if you have decided submit your application manually, using downloadable CQC forms.

Registered Manager Interview:
This does not cover the next stage, the Registered Manager interview, as this is a personal interview of the nominee for suitability, knowledge, competency and experience for the job.
We provide guidance on the common questions and documents asked for at the interview, however this stage is entirely dependent on the individual inspector and on how well your Registered Manager comes across. We have published free resources under the Best Practice section to help understand this process and how to prepare.

Recommended Solution

There are 3 distinct parts to the online application process

  1. Form completion - Your personal and service details (including Statement of Purpose)
  2. Describing the systems and processes you will have in place
  3. Having an actual Quality System

The form filling is the easy part, and most applicants find that just describing their system can take up to 20 hours to put together and similarly with designing their quality systems.
Consultants will often quote over £3,000 for this, but with this ready-made system and supporting documents, applicants will save an enormous amount of time and effort.

products CQC registration pack
products CQC registration pack

If you're a sole trader, small provider, or early-stage startup, it's not advisable to begin with complex systems. A better approach is to start with basic systems, achieve basic CQC Compliance and upgrade when you're ready for the next stage.

The STANDARD Edition of the Quality Standards Manual is an affordable solution that should suffice, especially for new registrations and small management teams. You can upgrade to the more advanced versions later, without feeling you invested an unnecessary amount before you were ready.

The PROFESSIONAL Edition is more suitable for "complex" providers such as GP Practices, Dentists, and other services involving invasive procedures. This edition includes "Quality Control" sections for monitoring activity and meetings, which are more appropriate for management teams.


  1. Home care and agencies
  2. Aesthetics clinics
  3. Smaller Residential Care homes
  4. Most sole traders and providers with less than 5 staff


  1. GP Practices
  2. Dentists
  3. Clinics for invasive procedures
  4. Larger providers (more than 5 staff)

If you are comfortable with producing all the documentation yourself, you can fast forward to the next stage of getting prepared for future inspections. All you will need is the Quality Standards Manual and the Professional Standards Passport for staff.

  1. Get STANDARD Edition manual
  2. Get Professional Standards Passports
Quality & Compliance Management

Quality Standards Manual
The Quality Standards Manual provides a structured approach to inspections and will help you organize your information in a logical way, making the entire inspection process quicker. By keeping this up to date, you will be inspection-ready anytime, and all you will have to do is hand the manual to the inspector to demonstrate your compliance.

With the STANDARD Edition, you get a Governance Framework, which guides you on what you should have in place; records when and how often you review this; and that the necessary systems are in place. It does not include Quality Control and continuous improvement sections available in the PROFESSIONAL Edition.

The Professional Standards Passport is suitable for organisations of any size from single-handed to multi-branch.

 products Quality standards manual
 products Professional standards passport

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