Recommended Solution

Home care Providers with 10 or more staff including Care Workers become a complex environment and will be subject to more rigorous inspections, and require higher level systems.

For Basic Standard:-

  1. Quality Standards Manual
  2. Professional Standards Passports

For Elite Standard:-
Quality Management System: Processes and automation of system with Team Edition of the Quality Standards Manual.

Quality & Compliance Management

Quality Standards Manual
The Quality Standards Manual provides a structured approach to inspections and will help you organize your information in a logical way, making the entire inspection process quicker. By keeping this up to date, you will be inspection-ready anytime, and all you will have to do is hand the manual to the inspector to demonstrate your compliance
The STANDARD Edition is NOT RECOMMENDED for established Providers as this does not include Quality Control and continuous improvement sections, which are essential in larger organisations.

Quality Management System
To achieve significant time savings with processes and management, the Quality Management System will help you achieve the highest standard with minimum effort. This is a combination of a “Virtual Assistant” software and a Team-enabled manual, a ready-made solution for instant deployment.
The software is a complete Management System, with dozens of Smart Apps, which incorporate regulatory compliance and best practice to help you deal with everything from incidents and complaints to drafting operations manuals in minutes, shaving hours and even days off many tasks.

  1. Instant deployment, no setup time or configuration
  2. Fully managed and always up to date
  3. Team enabled
The Professional Standards Passport is suitable for organisations of any size from single-handed to multi-branch.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

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If you are part of an NHS body or a Membership or Regulatory organisation, you may qualify to use our products as a Reference Standard.