This outcome is really your formal public statement to the Care Quality Commission about what services are being provided.

Outcome in plain English

There are no prompts for this outcome.

Providers  are advised to follow the Legislation, Regulation 12 and Schedule 3 of the legislation.

Regulation 12
1. Statement of Purpose must be submitted to the CQC
2. It must be reviewed regularly
3. If there are any revisions, CQC must be informed within 28 days of such a change.

Schedule 3 Requirements:

  • Aim and objectives of the service provision
  • Types and range of services provided
  • Name(s) of GP partners
  • Name of registered manager
  • Business Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Legal status of provider i.e. sole trader, partnership, organisation, etc.
  • Details of the locations at which the services are  provided



For a copy of the CQC Statement of Purpose Template click here.

For a copy of the CQC Guidance on filling out the Statement form click here.

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