This outcome is about the issue of cover when the Registerd Manager takes a leave of absence and ensuring that the service will continue to be properly managed during that period.

Outcome in plain English

You will need to notify the Care Quality Commission when the registered manager is away together with details of the arrangements in place to cover the period of absence.

27A - Planned absences

  • 28 day notice must be given to the CQC if the registered manager is going to be absent for 28 days or more
  • If 28 days notice is not possible, inform the CQC as soon as possible

27B - Emergency Absence

  • If an emergency absence is likely to be 28+ days, inform the CQC within 5 days of the start of absence

27C - Notices of Absence

  • Inform the Care Quality Commission of:
  • the reason for the absence
  • how long it will last
  • who will run the service
  • the name, address and qualifications of the person responsible
  • If the length of the absence is unknown, propose to the CQC how long  before a new Registered manager is appointed

27D - Returning from an absence

  • Inform CQC within 5 days of return


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