This outcome is about the employer's duty to train the staff and make sure that they are monitored and supervised throughout. The objective is to ensure staff are competent to carry out their work and are properly trained, supervised and appraised.

Outcome in plain English

14A Staff support
You need the following:-

  • An induction process
  • Don't let staff work unsupervised without full induction
  • Induction must cover:
    • Aims of practice
    • Patient rights
    • Your policies and procedures
    • What to do in an emergency
    • Health & Safety
    • Reporting incidents
    • How they will work
    • Lone Worker arrangements
    • Reporting quality problems
    • Job familiarisation
  • Training needs analysis
  • You need to provide continuous training and development for staff
  • Make sure this is relevant and accredited
  • Keep records of training

14B Dealing with children - Children should be dealt with by suitably trained staff

14C You must supervise your staff to ensure:

  • Staff understand their responsibilities
  • Make sure they are managed
  • Follow national guidance & best practice so that:
    • Staff can approach managers for advice
    • Regular staff appraisals and meetings which are recorded
  • You must have staff appraisals and development plans

14D – Staff support

  • Help staff fit into their jobs where needed
  • Everyone must follow professional codes of conduct
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Procedures when staff subject to violence, bulling, harassment
  • Support staff when they raise concerns
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Procedure for work related illness

14F Staff must have regular "flying hours" or sufficient actual working knowledge of their job

14G Similarly, staff working with children must have relevant actual working knowledge

14H Children must have access to a registered nurse permitted to work with children

14 J All healthcare professionals should have an up to date professional registration/membership


What the BMA says

Your practice is likely to be compliant if your practice does the following:

  1. Provides an induction for new staff.
  2. Ensures that all staff are appraised on a yearly basis, including the identification of development objectives that reflect the needs of patients.
  3. Ensures that staff are competent, trained and on the appropriate parts of their register to carry out their roles, and supports staff in taking appropriate training.
  4. Ensures that staff have a readily available line manager or supervisor that they can talk to about any issues openly and honestly.
  5. Makes reasonable adjustments to allow staff to perform their role when necessary and appropriate

Your practice has the following:

  1. Procedures in place for when staff are subject to violence, bullying or harassment from patients or colleagues.

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