What used to be
CQC Inspections were set for "maximum intervals" of 3 to 5 years, so that Good and Outstanding performers could even expect visits every 5 years if performance levels were good.

  • The aim was to lower the burden of regulations, this has now been scrapped
  • The CQC says "We will no longer set a maximum interval, based on previous ratings, between inspections"

What is new
The pandemic provided an opportunity to experiment with online reviews and an "Annual Regulatory Review" was introduced for GP Practices, followed by the "Emergency Support Framework" for all Providers. Both are essentially similar, comprising an online interview focusing on cut-down sections of the KLOEs.

This has now evolved into a "Monthly Review". This is continuous compliance monitoring so instead of worrying about being inspected every 5 years, you will be reporting to the CQC every single month, followed by inspections if your standards fall below par.

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