This outcome is about having sufficient number of staff with the appropriate knowledge and skills to operate your service.

Outcome in plain English

13A Having sufficient staff
You have the right number and right staff for the job.

  • You have enough knowledgeable staff cover for continuity.
  • Prove that you have thought through staffing levels.
  • Review and monitor your staff levels and requirements on a regular basis.
  • Must have proper staff cover during absences, sickness etc.
  • Must have staff cover if things are changing in the practice.


What the BMA says

Your practice is likely to be compliant if your practice does the following:

  1. Is able adjust staffing to respond to unexpected circumstances such as sickness, vacancies and unpredictable short and long term events such as a flu pandemic.
  2. Is able to change staffing in reaction to expected changes such as an expansion of the services provided or planned absence.
  3. Ensures that staff are able to contact senior or supervisory staff.

Your practice has the following:

  1. An appropriate number of staff with the appropriate knowledge, qualifications, skills, and experience to perform the services you provide to patients (and meet their needs) at the relevant times, including unexpected circumstances such as sickness and vacancies.
  2. A staffing policy.
  3. A recruitment policy.

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