This outcome is about suitability of staff. Staff must be fit for the job and have the right qualifications, skills and experience.

Outcome in plain English

12A Recruitment process
Your recruitment process should cover the following:-

  • Employ honest, reliable and trustworthy people
  • Don't discriminate against applicants
  • Check they are registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) if appropriate
  • CRB check needed
  • If working with adults, staff can work temporarily without a CRB check if an ISA check received BUT:-
    • Must have a designated supervisor
    • Supervisor must be there with them or available
    • Always need a full CRB checked person to escort patients away from premises
  • If working with children they must have a CRB check
  • Are they entitled to work in the UK
  • Must have UK level standards of skills and qualification
  • Using their professional title legitimately.
  • Check this with their professional body.
  • Follow codes of professional conduct
  • Must be physically & mentally fit for job so that:
  • They are not a risk to themselves
  • They are not a risk to others
  • Are able to communicate effectively
  • Must have up to date job description  and understand it
  • Aware of other team members' roles

12B Qualifications and skills

  • Must have relevant skills knowledge & experience.
  • If not, they must learn the skills, but make sure safety is not compromised
  • Don't give students and trainees stuff that Is beyond them
  • Need continuous education and training
  • Teach them about diversity and human rights
  • Able to communicate with patients
  • Ability to listen and understand patients
  • Know about and understands what patients need
  • Know about our policies and procedures
  • Know where to get expert advice
  • Managers must be able to ensure staff are suitable

12C Effective recruitment procedure

  • Must have processes that ensure all of the above.
  • This also applies to agency workers; temps; etc. and you should make sure agency is also checking all this.
  • Make sure that you have staff procedures to cover:
    • Staff absence
    • Discipline
    • Reporting to professional bodies
    • Abuse investigation
    • Harm/risk to patients
    • When your staff are barred from working with vulnerable adults
    • Staff needing special support
    • Staff exposed to physical/emotional risks
  • Staff must follow all guidance


What the BMA says

Your practice is likely to be compliant if your practice does the following:

1. Recruits staff that have:


  • the necessary skills, experience and evidence of relevant qualifications and training;
  • demonstrated that they are legally entitled to work in the UK both from a professional and an employment viewpoint;
  • provided proof of identity;
  • given the name of two referees who can give references from previous recent employment;
  • given reasons for their last position ending;
  • provided their employment history, with a satisfactory written explanation of any gaps in employment;
  • if appropriate to the role they will be carrying out, undergone a criminal record bureau check. The CQC’s Overview of Registration guidance provides further information about this in Chapter 6.

    We believe that much of this information can be gathered from a CV/application or at the interview stage.

 2. Recruits healthcare professionals that:

  • are appropriately registered with their professional regulator (GMC/Nursing Midwifery Council/HPC) for the role they will carry out;
  • are not subject to any form of suspension;
  • have provided two referees willing to give clinical references relating to two recent posts as a healthcare professional which lasted for three months without a significant break (or where this is not possible, a full explanation and alternative referees).  
  • are not on a Independent Safeguarding Authority barred list.

3. Unless contractual exemptions apply, ensures that the GPs it recruits are on a Performers List in EnglandConducts a fair and equal recruitment process that does not discriminate against any individuals.

4. We advise that you are observant of the Equality Act 2010 when recruiting staff (see the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s guidance) 

5. Follows NHSE’s guidance in only asking for information about candidates’ physical or mental health conditions after making a conditional offer.Ensures that staff review their skills and knowledge as part of appraisal or in house review. 

Your practice has the following:

  1. A recruitment policy, including the need to comply with the Equality Act 2010
  2. Procedures in place for when staff:
  • are not well enough to work, including appropriate access to and use of occupational health support;
  • behave outside of your policies or professional codes of conduct;
  • are subject to investigations;
  • are suspected to have caused harm or risk of harm to patients;
  • require support to carry out their job.

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