A care home worker who abused a resident at a home in London has been sentenced today

Jonathan Aquino, 30, was sentenced to 18 months, half custodial and half on licence, for abusing an 80 year old woman with dementia at Ash Court Care Centre, Camden, in June last year

Camden Council’s safeguarding team, the police and CQC were alerted to the abuse on 23 June 2011 The family of the resident, concerned by the treatment their mother had received, had secretly filmed the abuse

Matthew Trainer, CQC’s Deputy Director of Operations in London, said: “CQC welcomes the sentence handed down today It is right that this behaviour has been handled robustly by the police and the courts This sends a strong message that it is unacceptable to abuse an elderly person in your care We hope it will act as a powerful deterrent to others”

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