No, nobody does.

  1. CQC does not have a list or even a recommended list
  2. Every supplier makes up their own list

What do Inspectors use?

  • The CQC does not have any central list of policies that they expect to see and does not issue any guidance to local inspectors on this.
  • So although EVERY Inspector asks to see your collection of policies and examine individual ones as they see fit, they have no central library to refer to or have any guidance on what to look for to determine what constitutes an acceptable policy.
  • Basically, every inspector makes up their own list and asks for whatever they think is necessary.

Why this matters:

The Policies are requested as evidence during the Inspection, but this varies from inspector to inspector, and effectively allows each inspector to make up their own rules on what is relevant to let you pass. This makes inspections inconsistent and creates uncertainty for Providers as to what they need to have to pass.

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