DES Requirements Met

The PCN must share data that

  • Supports compliance with the requirements of this Network Contract DES specification.
  • Benchmark and identify opportunities for improvement

In addition, Members should:-

  • Work together to establish an integrated and collaborative team environment
  • Co-operate with each other in a timely and effective way and give to each other such assistance
  • Share information with each other that is relevant to our Network
  • Potential Breach of the DES contract

Although each member is responsible for their own compliance, a serious breach will impact the DES Contract and the PCN has a duty of care to have oversight and assurance that members are not putting the DES Contract at risk through such serious breaches.

eManager System

We will be providing a secure Compliance Reporting System to allow remote monitoring of Key Compliance Matrices. This reporting will be integrated with the Quality Standards Manual. The system will allow remote monitoring and opportunities for proactive peer support for members.

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