Teamwork and delegation with the Quality Standards Manual

Extract from a Management Meeting Report by a Manager

Feedback from Admin Manager

  • This is the first time she has led a meeting at Management level
  • She was confident in being able to explain her responsibility, personal role, team goals, and the process of Staff Development using the Passport
  • She was confident and able to address the questions raised by Partners on specific topics such as Safeguarding, its relevance to us, and how it is applied, and how training should be disseminated practice wide
  • She has shown sufficient confidence to be able to present our compliance framework to any external Inspection, and so should every member of our team

A Culture Change with zero effort on my part

  • We have shown that any member of staff can lead these reviews, as was demonstrated by the Admin Manager leading a Management Review on Stsff Training and Safeguarding topics
  • This is the first time she has led a Management Meeting in her 15 year career, requiring only a 5 minute briefing beforehand

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