This is a Regulatory Review

The Inspector will genuinely want to be helpful, but they also have to wear a Regulator's hat

Friendly and supportive part:-

  • Are you unsure about any issues, how can I help you
  • Do you need guidance, I can advise you and/or tell you who can help
  • Are you having difficulties with resources like PPE, here are some suggestions
  • Is there a challenging issue? I might be able to advise
  • Tell me about how you solved problems, we are collecting examples of best practice

Regulatory compliance part:-

  • Tell me about your recruitment procedure
  • What contingency plans do you have for staff shortages
  • What risk assessments have you done to cope with the COVID crisis
  • What changes have you made to staff training
  • Have you had any incidents that cause you concern?

Be Prepared

The Inspector's job is to protect the public. Making sure you are operating safely, and even helping you to do so is another way of ensuring the public is protected.
Use this interview as an opportunity to provide this assurance to them.

Again: Be careful out there: This is a Regulatory Interview

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