• The Inspector will take notes but not an audio recording
  • These notes will be summarised and sent to you
  • You will not be asked to comment on factual accuracy, because it's not like an inspection

At the end of the Interview, you will be sent a written report, which is a formal record, but you will not be asked to confirm factual accuracy.
The danger is that any inaccuracies and omissions that go against you will remain unchallenged, uncorrected, and be part of your permanent record.

Be Prepared

  • Make your own notes of the conversation as best as you can
  • Fact check the summary/report as soon as you get it
  • Speak to or write to the Inspector ASAP, asking for your corrections to be noted, politely of course

The CQC says it is "not an Inspection ....This means that usual steps such as the factual accuracy process do not apply"
This is contradicted in their webinar in which they state at 18:22 minutes that if you feel this "doesn't accurately reflect your discussions with the Inspector, you should discuss this with them..."


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