This conversation with the manager is part of a formal assessment and performance review of the Provider. It may be a precursor to an inspection and enforcement action. It is a regulatory process NOT a casual off the record conversation.

  • The CQC says it's not an inspection, however, they take notes which will be kept on your file
  • If there are concerns, it will trigger a follow up call and even an Inspection, so again, this is an official review
  • The decisions may be shared with others such as Social Services, and trigger other visits
  • They do not change your official rating, but CQC log this on their internal "Risk Assessment and Ranking System"

Be Prepared

  • It's not an inspection but notes have been made and they go on your file. It will be part of your history
  • You can have a friendly conversation, but it is safer to treat every conversation with an Inspector as if you are making a "formal" representation to the Regulator
  • If you're not sure, say so. It is better to be honest, fix things, and then update the Inspector. You will be on the right side of the law and earn their trust and respect
  • Work on the basis that any future Inspector will have access to these notes before the next Inspection

So even though it isn't a normal inspection, this interview is an Official Review and it is part of the overall inspection process

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