• Expected length: Max 1 Hour
  • This will be done using Microsoft Teams or telephone interview
  • For Teams, you don’t need a video camera but will need a working microphone

Be Prepared

In "Exceptional circumstances" they can ask for evidence and “share your screen” OR ask you to send information via email.
If you are unsure or concerned, don't panic, ask politely if you can make a note and send this by email once you have finished.

Attendees: You can decide who attends. It will usually be the Registered Manager at least, and you can have another senior person like a Partner, Director or Nominated Individual. It is always useful to have a confident and knowledgeable person next to you.

Be relaxed and casual, this is not an interrogation, the Inspector will be trying hard to establish a friendly rapport with you, and will genuinely be there to help with any issues you have concerns about.

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