This outcome relates to fees charged to patients. There should be transparency in the way fees are charged and the patient must be assisted to make an informed decision about the costs and financial implications.

Outcome in plain English

Follow this good practice to cover everything in this section

Before they sign for treatment you need to inform them of the following:-

  • If it's going to cost, tell them up front
  • Give them time to think about it
  • Don't pressure them

Provide full documents:-

  • A proper agreement and time to think about it.
  • Statements of account as needed
  • Terms and conditions, cancellation terms and effect of non-payment
  • A final copy signed by both parties
  • Issue receipts for payment

Explain costs:-

  • Describe the care ordered by patient/ what they are paying for
  • Make sure they have full information on costs
  • Make sure everyone knows who has to pay what
  • Give estimates if you cannot give fixed price
  • Don’t have hidden or unexpected costs
  • If additional costs arise, tell them before the treatment
  • Give advance notice of increases in prices in case they want to cancel
  • Tell them when payments are due and remind them in good time
  • How they can make payment

Be knowledgeable:-

  • Always read/know relevant guidance and stuff about rights and choices
  • Make sure you are well informed to answer all questions


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