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Most GP Practices are heavily dependent on just one or two people, usually the Practice Manager or Assistant Manager.

  1. This is a serious Business Continuity Risk
  2. Everything is customised so new Managers invariably start from scratch
  3. Reducing this risk is time consuming (Needs a detailed record of systems)

A Robust Common Standard Mitigates this Risk entirely
Adopting the Quality Standards Manual and the Professional Standards Passport as the primary Quality Assurance and compliance toolkits, this risk is virtually eliminated from day one

Management Systems Risk Eliminated

  1. A fully documented system has been embedded
  2. Staff are already self-responsible, no change required

Change Management Risk Eliminated

  1. Immediate Peer support and "buddy" system across PCN
  2. Induction for new Managers literally takes 10 minutes
  3. Full independent support if required for new and existing team members

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

 Partnered with the NAPC, the largest PCN network in England
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If you are part of an NHS body or a Membership or Regulatory organisation, you may qualify to use our products as a Reference Standard.