1. Quality Standards in a Notebook - Low cost annual compliance

QSM system compact notebook


QSM Notebook smaller management teams

QSM Notebook annual system

2. Quality Standards in a Loose-Leaf Professional folder

QSM system professional solution

 QSM Professional solution

Recommend for Providers with larger teams as organising a large number of staff and team members takes longer and it may be impractical to repeat the process annually.

    • A loose-leaf folder allows you to add custom content and critical evidence to the right section
    • The premium quality folders and heavy duty dividers give it a professional look and are designed to last for years
    • There is no hard and fast rule, even the smallest provider can use the Professional version
    • Absolutely essential if you are aiming for a top rating

Self-responsible compliance at branch level - No disruption to your central reporting system

Key differences between the two versions
     Valid For  Full Framework  Evidence Folder  Online Toolkit
 quality standards manual folder NEW two   Biennial
(2 Years)
 Book on table small    Annual
(1 Year)

There is no difference in the content and the Notebook is equally effective for larger providers who prefer an annual compliance process.

Optional Add-On

You can also purchase the Evidence Folder as an optional add-on if you want to organise your evidence in a professional folder that integrates with the Notebook. This add-on will be a one-off purchase for you.

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