The 360 Degree Workplace

The 360º Workplace enables every member of the team, from Partners and Managers, down to all frontline staff to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, engage directly in discussions with other more experienced staff, and encourages them to explore and have an active say in their own learning requirements.

The principles behind the 360º Workplace approach are seen as the next stage in the development of the workforce and this methodology is now being adopted by Healthcare and Adult Social Care organisations.

  • We simplify regulations, policies and best practice requirements, so we just have the key principles in plain English.
  • Everything is compressed so it only takes one-minute to read, instead of the long-winded policies we are all used to.
  • The result is instant engagement at any staff level, subject meetings can be held without any prior planning, and an agenda item can simply be introduced on the spot at a meeting.
  • Any team discussion can start within one minute, with comments and improvement ideas noted instantly ...... no minutes required.

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