This is the most underestimated step of all. On average, a manager can spend up to 80% of their time implementing a system.

What do we mean by implementation?

You have designed the system and trained everyone on what to do.

Now you have to make them do this every day, 365 days a year, and get it right first time every time.

You have no idea whether they absorbed what you taught them, so you have to watch over them until they are ready.

You might have to retrain some staff, and you might give up on others, which is another ball game altogether.

Each time they get it wrong, it increases your workload and stress level.

If you have the resources, delegate some of your responsibilities to others. Even in smaller organisations, you will be surprised how much you can delegate if you just assign parts of the whole job to one or two people.

This is what managing is all about.

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