Staff Centric Policies

What we want to achieve: Proof of concept about all the things we say is wrong with policies and teaching staff.

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Common problems:

  1. If staff find it difficult to read, they skim over things
  2. Read through it without absorbing the message
  3. Online systems: Staff just click on it to get it done and over with

How it affects us

Not understanding or remembering:

  1. Not properly applied in the job
  2. Get intimated or cannot show confidence at CQC inspections

Everything wrong with policy design

  1. Runes in to several pages, complex, and has irrelevant information that puts staff off from reading it properly
  2. Silo Effect: Equality is not one policy, it is something that affects dozens of policies
  3. Bogged down with unnecessary detail, legalistic language, things not relevant to ordinary staff
  4. Don’t put names of responsible persons in a policy, put their job titles in and put up a list of Responsible Officers on the notice board.

----------------THESE ARE THE MESSAGES WE WANT TO DEVELOP AT DEMOS--------------------------

How we are different

We have SIMPLIFIED everything

Linked directly to NATIONAL STANDARDS

We focus on the PRINCIPLES so that the concept sinks in.

We REPEAT IT several times so it becomes second nature

We don’t do it just for CQC, we do it FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT/QUALITY

Why IT WORKS – When it is easy to understand, it creates an “I already knew this” type of confidence


Staff:                     1 minute task/easy to read/easy to understand

Managers:           Easy to manage, easy to repeat as many times as you want


  1. It’s EASY : Actions speak louder than words: Prove it in action
  2. Prove that staff like it AND they understood it
  3. Full 360 system

How we demonstrate:

  1. Phase 1: Pick 3 to 5 members of staff to demonstrate it
  2. Phase 2: Pick one member of staff, see if they can demonstrate it

Things to ask – Do you think you can do more than one at a time? How many do you think you can read in one session? Is 3 policies per session a reasonable number?

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