If you find that your recording has been inadequate in the past OR you want to record everything using new templates. this is the quickest way to get evidence in place.
Do not worry about gathering historical evidence at this point

  1. For each topic, just record the last few incidents that have happened in say the last 2 to 3 months
  2. Brief staff members how and where the record is being kept, and make sure the updating process is in place
  3. Brief staff about the importance of the subject

This will ensure that you are CQC compliant from this point forward and fully covered for future events.

Historical logs

  1. You can now go back to collate historical evidence in your own good time if this was not properly logged before.
  2. Tackle 3 months at a time, going back from the current date
  3. Stop at 12 months in time, usually anything older is of no value
  4. Exercise judgement, some things like Significant Event Audits may need going back further


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