There is a lot to go through to be fully CQC ready, and this guidance will show you the fastest way to get your Evidence System organised and ready for any inspection.

Yes, it is this easy!

  1. Familiarise yourself with the system
  2. Get your Registered Manager and Assistants to look through this.
  3. Get everyone to refer to this whenever they work on setting up or updating the evidence.
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Basic principles

Our objectives
Keep it minimalist
Multi-site Operations
Who can do the setup

Initial Setup: A Step-by-Step guide

The 3 Components
Day 1: Governance Pack - Before you start
Governance Pack - First Review
Governance Pack - Continuous Reviews
Day 2: Go to Section 3 - Our Policies.
Day 3: Go to Section 4 - Our Staff
Day 4: Our Organisation

Evidence, Monitoring & Maintenance

Downloading templates
Evidence Templates
Evidence Sections 6 to 8
What about historical evidence?
Scheduled Management Reviews

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

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