Start the First Review

  1. You can do this alongside your Registered Manager and team members or on your own
  2. Read each page of the Governance Framework, which should take an average of 2 minutes or less per page
  3. If you are confident that you are compliant with at least 60% of the page content, sign and date it
  4. For any gaps that you need to cover, add this to the "Action list" supplied

Registered Manager and your team

  1. If you did this on your own, take the signed pack to the RM
  2. Get them to read and sign as "approved"

File the Governance Pack

  1. File the signed Framework pages under the correct section in the Folder, everything is numbered so it should be easy
  2. At the same time, tick this item off the main yellow index to show this has been done

What you will have achieved

  1. Demonstrate that you have a Governance Framework
  2. Demonstrate that you are working as a team
  3. Demonstrate how this adds to Well-Led and Effective criteria

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