The Statement of Purpose comes in 4 parts

Part 1 – Basic details

  1. Name, address, legal status, and basic contact details
  2. Names of partners in a partnership [?]

Part 2 – Aims and objectives

  1. Aims and objectives
  2. Locations

Part 3 – Locations (complete this for each location)

  1. Name address contact details
  2. Description of location (premises, area around, access, adaptations, equipment, facilities suitability + staffing & qualifications) No of approved placed/beds
  3. CQC service user bands (Populations)
  4. CQC Service type(s)
  5. Regulated activities carried out

Part 4 – Registered Manager details

  1. Manager’s contact details
  2. Locations Managed by RM and % of time spent at each
  3. Regulated activities managed by RM
  4. RM functions - job share arrangements

Making changes to your Statement of Purpose:-

Upload your statement of purpose using the CQC online registration system or the Provider Portal. You'll need to compile the four sections into a single document using copy and paste. If you have more than one location and registered manager, you'll need to use more than one copy of part four.

You must keep your statement of purpose up-to-date and notify any changes.

[Note: You will find these notification forms in out CQC Toolkits section]

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