About Websites

This is your public facinginformation for any visitor, your Service Users and stakeholders. So it is important that this is kept accurate and up to date.

CQC inspectors have been know to issue improvement notices where website information has been deemed 'out of date'.

Legal Requirements

Displaying your CQC Ratings is a legal requirement, non-compliance is a breach and may result in a fine.

If you have been awarded a CQC rating (outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate) this must be displayed at every instance where people are sure to see it, including your website.

  • Ratings must be displayed at the premises where your service is being provided unless you are delivering care to someone in their own home
  • Ratings should be displayed legibly and conspicuously
  • You can download your "Ratings Poster" for print and display from your location's profile on the CQC website
  • Ratings must be displayed on your website(s) if you have any
  • Services which have not been awarded a rating are exempt from this requirement
  • You have a maximum of 21 calendar days from the date your inspection report to update this

Tools available from CQC

  1. Ratings poster
  2. Website widget

Both can be found at the bottom of your location profile page on the CQC website

To find out more about how and what to display CLICK HERE


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