CQC Inspectors are taking a targeted approach to selecting providers for inspection visits.

The CQC has confirmed that their primary targets will be:-

  1. Providers judged as “Requires improvement” (Especially if weaknesses in SAFE and WELL-LED)
  2. Intelligence that shows underperformance or at risk (e.g. Insight Reports for GPs)
  3. Information CQC has received e.g. whistleblowing, complaints, other reports
  4. Recent changes in management e.g. Registered Manager
  5. Recent changes in provider services
  6. Where CQC have received notices of concern from the public or other sources

Additional targets

CQC are focused on patterns of poor performance in connected or related organisations.
If you are part of a Corporate Group; Provider Group; Federation; Out of Hours member; GP Group then the following will flag you up for a potential visit:-

  1. Others in your group show poor performance
  2. Others in your geographical area show cause for concern

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

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