Provider Information Return (PIRs)

This is what the CQC says they will normally ask for:

  1. An action plan that addresses the findings from any patient survey carried out
  2. A summary of any complaints received in the last 12 months, any action taken and how learning was implemented
  3. A summary of any serious adverse events that occurred in the previous 12 months, any action taken and how learning was implemented
  4. Evidence to show that the quality of treatment and services has been monitored. This includes evidence of two completed clinical audit cycles carried out in the last 12 months and evidence of any other audits, with evidence of actions or outcomes taken as a result
  5. Recruitment and training policies and procedures (for example, how staff are recruited and vetted before commencing work, arrangements for European Economic Area (EEA) and foreign doctors and what induction they receive)
  6. Number of staff by role (whole time equivalent)
  7. A copy of the current Statement of Purpose

Keep a spare copy of what you send to the inspector, and don’t be surprised to find that when the team arrives they were not handed the documents you submitted.

Even if you haven’t been asked for in advance, you should anticipate at least the following:-

  1. Significant event Audits
  2. Infection control risk assessments and action logs
  3. Cleanliness records, logs, and risk assessments
  4. Review of disability access
  5. Workplace Risk assessments, actions and outcomes
  6. Fire safety reviews
  7. Alarm test logs
  8. Daily Safety checks and logs
  9. Business continuity plan
  10. Recruitment checks and evidence of induction process
  11. Up to date policies and log of review dates
  12. Safeguarding policies and evidence of training. Staff are likely to be interviewed on this.
  13. Same for complaints and chaperoning
  14. Medicine management, fridge logs, out of date medicines
  15. Repeat prescribing procedures and controls
  16. Training and recruitment logs
  17. DBS checks
  18. Equipment calibration reports
  19. Staff training matrix

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