Inspection Team

The inspection team will include the following:-

  1. The lead CQC inspector
  2. GP practices will always include a GP and may include other specialist inspectors, such as practice nurses and/or practice managers.
  3. The team can vary in size, to reflect the size of the practice
  4. May also include Experts by Experience


Note: GP Practices

From October 2015 the CQC is changing the way it organises its GP practice inspections, assigning a named lead inspector for each CCG area in a bid to improve the relationships between practices and inspectors.

The previous model, where the inspectorate identified CCG areas it would be focusing on and teams aimed to visit around a quarter of practices within a roughly four-week window, has been deemed inefficient.

What this means for practices:-

Relationship building = better communication
Good practices will be able to avoid inspections - see Bowburn's experience
Empathy with particular problems caused by demographics/pressures on the CCG causing issues

If you are a poor performer: Inspector will be more familiar and will target poor performers more easily

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

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