Separate and differentiate the functions:-

Separate policies for CQC compliance Vs admin and HR  
CQC don't need to see your holidays policy 
Simplifying staff policies saves their time and makes it easier to understand and retain knowledge 
Differentiate Staff-side polices Vs Management-side policies 
Make it easier to explain and understand what we are aiming for Vs how to do things 

Restructure your policies:-

  1. Common practice is to insert the name of a responsible person in each policy. DON'T DO THIS.
  2. Enter just the job title of the person e.g. "Fire Marshall"
  3. Then, create a Responsible Persons chart and pin it on every notice board

Now you don't have to edit your policies AND you have a central chart always accessible to staff.


  1. Review the policies
  2. Customise them ONLY where appropriate
  3. Ensure staff actually absorb and understand
  4. Test staff knowledge regularly
  5. Keep a record of staff training/reading of policies

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