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What is available

  1. Simple downloadable package: Typically £300 or less. Gives you over 500 policies, procedures, protocols, letters, forms and template documents
  2. Online systems with staff activity logs. Typically £1,000 - £2,000 per annum with over 1,000 pages of guidance

Typical operational costs

  • Time to read every policy: Between one and three solid months, that's why most don't bother.
  • Online systems are efficient for staff tracking, but also add in time to manage and then test knowledge
  • Time to brief all the staff and testing their knowledge typically costs around £15,000 for a small organisation

Saving time and money

  • Publishers would go out of business if they told you that you only need 50 policies and that hardly anything really changes each year.
  • You do not need a policy for every occasion, common sense application of a standard policy often does the job
  • If you are buying this as a useful reference library, be discerning in how you use the material


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