Some of the most common questions CQC inspectors ask your staff.

Can your staff answer these? Print this out and use as your checklist
1.1 How long have you been working here?    
1.2 How did you apply for the job?    
1.3 What it is that you do at the practice?    
1.4 Do you have a job description/ clear role responsibility?    
1.5 Do you have a contract?    
1.6 Were you given a staff handbook when you joined or since?    
1.7 Do you know where to locate the staff handbook?    
1.8 Name one good thing you like about your work?    
1.9 Do you have any concerns?    
1.10 Do you feel supported?    
2.1 How are you treated by the management and Partnership?    
2.2 Did you have an interview when you applied for the job?    
2.3 Were references taken when you were appointed?    
2.4 Did you have a CRB/DBS check for the current position?    
2.5 Do you have staff appraisal?    
2.6 When was your last appraisal?    
2.7 How did you follow up to the objectives & action plan set out in your appraisal?    
3.1 Do you have regular meetings as a practice or individual?    
3.2 Are you included in adding to the agenda?    
3.3 Do you receive meeting minutes?    
3.4 How are action points arising from the meetings followed up?    
4.1 Do you know about vulnerable adults and children?    
4.2 Who is the safeguarding lead at the practice?    
4.3 What are the practices’ out of hours’ arrangements?    
4.4 Are you aware of a whistle blowing policy?    
4.5 Do you feel free to blow the whistle if and when necessary?    
4.6 Do you know about the complaints procedure and can you describe it?    
4.7 How do you react when you read NHS choices, if there is a complaint?    
4.8 Have you received training?    
4.9 What courses have you been on?    

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