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CQC have recently reported that a number of providers have been contacted by people posing as CQC inspectors in an effort to gain access to services or information.

We recommend that before you speak to anyone:

  1. Ask the person for their details, e.g. Name, Region of Inspection team, ID number
  2. Do not give out any information and instead offer to call them back
  3. Call CQC on 03000 616161 to verify the details given to you.

All genuine CQC inspectors carry ID badges that include:

  • a photograph of the inspector on the front
  • a copy of a CQC warrant on the reverse
  • the signature of our Chief Executive David Behan (older ID badges may have the signature of Cynthia Bower)

Note from the Editor:
Whislt all inspectors carry badges, it is difficult to check whether the ID is genuine or not as most of us don’t know what an original CQC ID badge looks like. So it is best to call CQC on 03000 616161 and check the inspector's details before you allow them onto your premises or give them any information.

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