The Regulations and the CQC Guidelines are two completely separate things.

The guidelines are exactly what they say on the tin, they are "guidelines" only. These then try to suggest how you could meet the regulations by listing out a series of "Prompts" and again the clue is in the wording used.

Here is a quote from the Guidelines:

The legal status of our guidance for providers
"Although we must take it into account when making decisions about a provider’s compliance with the regulations and in tribunals and courts, the guidance is not enforceable in its own right."

A prompt is simply a suggested way you could meet the regulations and are not the definitive list of things you need to do. For example, the guidelines completely omit to mention the NHS Complaints regulations of 2009, but just because they have forgotten it does not mean you can ignore this as well.

Here are extracts from the Guidelines:

Other relevant legislation
".....we consider to be of particular importance, but we have not included all relevant legislation."

"As a provider of care, you are responsible for knowing what other legislation is relevant to your service and making sure that you comply with it. We may consider your compliance with such legislation as part of the way we monitor and check your services."

As a business, you have to meet the CQC regulations as well as any other legislation that applies to you

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