If the CQC have concerns about your practice's compliance with the standards they will revisit. These type of inspection are carried out at any time in response to identified concerns e.g. patient complaints; serious failings or concerns higlighted in the initial visit.

Betweem April to 30 September 2014 CQC were trialling their new inspection model. The inspection reports that have been published based on these inspection have not got a star rating on any of the domains. Whilst we are not sure if CQC are going to update these reports, we have been advised by practices that they are being contacted by CQC in orfer to arrange a re-visit.

CQC are also scheduling re-visits based on their current Intelligent Monitoring publication where a practice has been indentified as having 'elevated risk' or 'risk' profile.

Editors Comment:

Our estimate is that a practice is spending anything from £1,000 to £7,000+ in time, effort and money just preparing for a CQC inspection and reinspection. 


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