The first question on everyone’s mind will be “How much additional work do I have to do?”

In theory, none whatsoever, because you are already compliant and the main change is the way they inspect.

In practice, the major turmoil is going to be the way you have been gathering and filing your information.
If you had been following our methodology, then once again, there is nothing to change to be able to present your evidence and files to the inspector.

In reality, thousands of Providers have purchased systems which are designed to organise the evidence around the 175 odd prompts and then filed under the 28 Outcomes. Unfortunately for these Providers, the prompts and outcomes have now gone, and replaced with a completely new format.
The result is that your evidence is of course still valid, but it’s filed completely ‘wrongly’ now when an inspection takes place under the new regime.

Your filing system will have to adapt to the new system in October if you want to present evidence quickly and logically. However, you are still stuck with the old data being filed differently, and it is probably not worth going back to reorganise this now.
If you imagine an inspection in February 2015, half your evidence will be filed under the old system, and the other half in the new system. You will just have to suffer this as a temporary problem.
The lesson to be learned if you are in this situation is not to organise yourself too rigidly to official guidelines because these are set to evolve and will continue to change at regular intervals.

Questions to ask when designing or buying a compliance system for the new inspection regime
  • How will the new system cope with future changes
  • How do I migrate from old to new format
  • How much time will I spend on configuring and changing
  • Who will end up doing all the work
  • Be sure that you understand the difference between a policies system or compliance system


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