CQC has widely missed original targets

When CQC started, they aimed to inspected every GP by 2016, we predicted that they wouldn't meet the target, and based on initial performance it would have taken 14 years to achieve that.
By 2016, many more inspectors had been recruited, and the rules and guidelines have changed beyond recognition.

Where are we now?
The CQC web site is not the easiest to follow if you are looking for the numbers. Approximately 18% of practices have still not been inspected and we can expect all sites to be inspected at least once by sometime in 2018. We originally estimated they would achieve this by August 2017.

Editor's Note:
A common comment we hear from practices already visited is "there is no need to be so dilligent anymore as we've already had our inspection". A similar effect is observed with traffic cameras,where everyone slows down just enough to not get caught, and speeds as soon as they pass the danger.

The CQC is now advocating no visits for 5 years if a practice demonstrates good behaviour but with random unannounced visits.

Just to remind oursleves, the original aim was "To inspect a primary medical service provider approximately once every 2 years, but some practices may be inspected more often".


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