People should be cared for by staff who are properly qualified and able to do their Job

Reason(s) for Improvement Notice:

     New Employees      Existing Employees
  • CRB/DBS checks not carried out prior to employment; nor an application made since.
  • Proof of identity not verified
  • No recent photograph on file
  • Job references not sought at time of employment
  • No photograph nor record of identity checks on file
  • Gaps in staff  employment not accounted for
  • Risk assessments to identify need to undertake the above checks retrospectively not considered






Editor’s Comments:
The area of Suitability of staffing (Outcomes 11, 12  & 13) has a great overlap in the criteria for compliance for each of the outcomes. Failings in one of these could potentially prompt an inspector to review the other related outcomes, leading to a worse compliance report.

Also note that another provider got an improvement notice for Outcome 7 for not having carried out CRB/DBS checks on staff.

To find out who should get a DBS (formerly CRB) check at your practice CLICK HERE.


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