People should be protected from abuse and staff should respect their human rights

Reason(s) for Improvement Notice:

1.    Staff had not received updated safeguarding training for children

  • The practice declared non-compliance on registration
    • Their action plan to be compliant by 01 October 2013 was accepted by the CQC
  • Staff training on Adult safeguarding was declared as up to date
  • On questioning, staff lacked insight into the protection of vulnerable persons who were unknown to them
  • Staff also appeared unconcerned about their lack of understanding on safeguarding

2. CRB Checks [Now DBS checks]

  • Evidence of a CRB check was missing
  • No risk assessment of whether CRB checks were necessary
  • CRB action plan not put into place

Editor's Comment:
Inspectors are picking up on action plans submitted as part of registration with the CQC not having been put into place.  If you had submitted any action plans it would be wise to stick to the timetable or send CQC an update as to why things have not been achieved, rather than being caught out on the day of the actual inspection.

At another inspection the GP practice failed Outcome 12 for not having CRB/DBS and other appropriate checks carried out for their staff.


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