Westlands Medical Centre took part in a pilot CQC inspection.

David Williams, Practice Manager, talks through what happened during the inspection and why he wanted to get involved.

Editors comments:-

  1. The inspection was outcomes driven i.e. how the practice operated
  2. The manager “expected them to look at policies and procedures and I would be stuck in the office asking to see my files … it absolutely wasn’t like that”
  3. The visit lasted about 6 ½  hour
  4. Looked at safety of premises. The manager was behind in risk assessments, but as he was able to show that the practice looked safe, no issues were raised

Your easiest option to premises safety is showing risk assessments for health & safety. However, if you are behind on these, if the practice is demonstrably safe, you can use that as an argument that you operate a safe practice, and it is just that you haven’t formally recorded this.


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